BSR Tracker

Track product's BSR including history for years ago.

You can track both your products and your competitor's products.

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Coupons Promotions

Track BSR and see how your promotions affect your Ranking

On one graph you will find both the BSR and Claimed Coupons

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Keyword Tracker

Track your product's positions on Amazon's search results.

Boost keywords using RB Deals and track the results immediately

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What is BSR and why it's important?

The BSR (Best Seller Ranking) basically tells how successful are products on Amazon.

BSR #1 Gives attach to the product the Best Seller Tag, which means that the product is selling more than all of the competitors in the category.

As higher the BSR (Closer to #1) The product should have more exposure and sales.

You can promote both your product's BSR, exposure and Keywords Ranking using RB Deal, an All In One Promotion for Amazon Sellers, using coupons.

Peter Drucker once said: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"

As an online business owner, you must understand how to promote your product and how to control its ranking. Now you can do that.

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Graph of BSR Tracker for Amazon Sellers including Promotions history
BSR Tracker Including History
BSR & Keyword Tracker for Amazon Sellers
Keyword Tracker is also Available

track your historical bsr and stay updated

Every day without knowing where your product positioned, you are behind your competitors and on your business in general. It's time to become professional.